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About us

Chiggiato, based in Piombino Dese, was founded based on the idea of supporting Italian companies that bring excellence to the world.
Its cross-cutting skills, multi-industry reach and wide variety of integrated and personalized services, from logistics and the storage of goods to its ability to reach the most distant and difficult destinations, have sparked progressive growth both nationally and internationally.

Through experience and continuous training, we have developed a winning and proven work method that, by meeting the standards and protocols of the strictest supply chains, guarantees transports of the highest quality and value.
In line with the strategic objectives of our development we have decided to establish a Chiggiato branch in Tuscany and one in Puglia, thus covering the entire national territory from north to south, offering a 360° service from Trentino Alto Adige to Sicily. Online with the strategic objectives of our development, we have decided to establish a Chiggiato branch in the Tuscany region.
Since 1972 we have worked hard and grown without forgetting where we started from and carrying on our credo: to go wherever there is a road.
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Our dream is to become a benchmark for the international transport of high value-added products in Italy and around the world.

The exclusivity of what we transport tends to improve our services day by day.
We invest in technology and continue to improve transport and logistics activities to offer greater guarantees and give peace of mind to our customers.

The direction taken over the years has been to be competitive in the market by working on the loyalty of clients who raise the bar year after year, thus impacting on a continuous improvement of our quality and our processes to satisfy a wide range of needs.

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According to William J. Bernstein, the economic development and human progress of a country depend on the simultaneous presence of four factors:

  • the state of property law;
  • the presence of scientific rationalism;
  • an organised capital market;
  • developed transports and communications.

At Chiggiato we have chosen to operate in the transport sector with a desire to contribute directly to the development of our country and Italian companies. At the same time, our company and our families prosper.

Our dream is to become a benchmark for the international transport of high value-added products in Italy and around the world.


Each transport is different: there are situations where time is short, others where travel conditions are difficult, yet others where the material is very delicate and cumbersome, or there’s a mix of all of the above.

Our mission is to deliver this value intact, on time, where it is needed and in all places where there are people who need to use it, wherever there is a road.

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Our winning formula lies in our careful choice of people.
We only work with the best specialists, passionate and talented people who share our values: reliability, curiosity, responsibility and a passion for work.
The common thread that all our resources share is continuous professional training and the use of modern tools that allow all personnel to participate in our progress, growing in harmony with the company and our ambitions.


Our values express the passion that drives us and the ambition to always offer the best solution.


Rationality pushes us to act in the best possible way to respect our purpose: the solution to our customers’ problems.


We work with enthusiasm and dedication, motivated by the desire to make a significant contribution to the world every day.


Taking care of details and details allows us to guarantee a
meticulous service, the pillar on which they have their foundation
all our services.


We are constantly looking for new knowledge and cutting-edge tools to implement innovative solutions.