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Our commitment to the environment

In 2015, the UN set 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which constitute a viable model to allow progressive progress that respects both humanity and the environment. 36 When we talk about the environment, we’re talking about the future.

We need to address the problem of climate change through shared environmental policies for a more sustainable economy that reduces waste and pollution, investing in renewable energy.

Chiggiato firmly believes in the need to build a different future, and is committed to actively contributing to change.



Chiggiato SpA chooses to use hybrid vehicles for the transport of medicines, reducing emissions and contributing to a cleaner environment.
Being able to enter inhabited centers by setting the vehicles to 100% electric mode was for us a further step forward in respecting the planet, the patients and the society that decided to entrust us with this delicate task.

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Demonstrating the values ​​that Chiggiato SpA wants to support on a daily basis, the purchase of 100% electric vehicles is the most tangible example: thanks to their low CO2 emissions, the use of electric trucks in logistics will help reduce costs to a minimum carbon emissions in the transport sector and improve urban air quality.



Chiggiato Spa recognizes the growing importance of reducing the environmental impact of its operations and is committed to doing so responsibly. To pursue this objective we decided, starting from May 2013 with the delivery of the first Euro 6 vehicle in Italy, to equip our fleet with only Euro 6 vehicles.
Thanks to this we can say that we have already contributed to the topic of sustainability for many years.
However, exploring new solutions and technologies will be a daily mission to further improve the reduction of harmful emissions from vehicles on the road. In fact, our fleet also has methane vehicles, hybrid tractors and full electric vehicles.

EURO 6 vehicles

Trasporto a metano

After purchasing only Euro 6 vehicles, an important step towards sustainability was made with methane vehicles which contributed to significantly reducing polluting emissions.


vehicles at 4 different temperatures

We are proud to offer highly specialized transport solutions that guarantee maximum safety and precision in temperature management.
For the most complex transportation needs, our trucks offer the ability to manage two different temperatures on the tractor and another two different temperatures on the trailer, ensuring regulatory compliance and product safety.

hvo fuel

Since November 2023, we have been using HVO diesel for all our road transport.
A source of renewable energy, HVO diesel is a cleaner fuel made from hydrogenated vegetable-based oils and waste.
Compared to the traditional diesel used until now, with this new fuel we exploit the ability to reduce CO2 emissions by over 80%.

beliEving in a sustainable future