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Plasma transport

Our fleet of equipped vehicles and rigorous safety standards allow us to meet the needs of these sensitive loads, guaranteeing the cold chain in any situation and in any weather condition outside.
Customer and patient safety are at the center of our mission.
We have the task of collecting plasma, donated within the National Health Service, from Piedmont to Sicily: this is a responsibility that we have decided to take on because in addition to the high value of the goods there is a moral value that goes well beyond the transport.

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Chiggiato S.p.a. believes in sustainability.
For the transport of drugs and plasma we use a fleet of hybrid vehicles, thus reducing emissions and contributing to a cleaner environment: these vehicles allow us to enter inhabited centers for the collection of plasma from the transfusion centers of Italian hospitals by setting the vehicles in 100% electric mode.
This choice is driven by the awareness that we are taking a step forward with respect to the health and future of our planet. For us it means a further step forward in respecting the planet, patients and the society that has decided to entrust us with this delicate task.