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The working method employed in the warehouse allows us to guarantee high efficiency and maximum punctuality from receipt to delivery of the stored goods, with a possibility of error equal to zero.

When unloading the vehicle, each individual pallet is labelled using a barcode and positioned on a shelf, ensuring immediate traceability at all times. This is made possible by the unique IDs on the label and the shelf position, as each label is linked to a single position.

Outgoing goods are checked twice by our personnel: pickers and truck drivers work in full synergy to verify that the pallets at the terminal and those identified and ready to leave match, thus eliminating any possibility of error.

Warehouse measuring


Space for 20.000 pallets


Possibility of error equal to zero

Warehouse management is a complex activity that we have developed by increasingly eliminating the boundaries between real and digital experience, so as to make order processing processes virtuous.


Pallet traceability


Barcode management


Instant pallet identification


Real-time order fulfilment


Double checking of outgoing goods

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